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What is the Half Size Me Communty?

The Half Size Me Community (HSMC) is a safe, supportive space for anyone struggling to lose weight or keep it off. No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, the Community is here to help you. We help each other by sharing our struggles and our successes. 

And because our members are a diverse group representing many different kinds of approaches to losing weight and staying healthy, we learn from one another.  

It's a warm, supportive community, where everyone understands what you’re dealing with because they are fighting the same battles. 

So, whether you’re just starting your weight loss journey or you’ve been maintaining your goal weight for years, but want support and accountability to make sure you keep it off, there’s something in The Half Size Me Community to help you!  

Here's what our members experience inside:

  • LIVE WEEKLY WEBINARS. Ask questions or just listen in. Online and easy. You can attend a support meeting in your pajamas!  
  • 6 PREMIUM COURSES. Get FREE access to our in-depth, premium courses. That’s a value of more than $300 and you get it all for free as long as you’re a member!  
  • 24/7 SUPPORT IN OUR FORUM. Get EXCLUSIVE access to our private, members-only Facebook page and our membership site portal.  
  • WEBINAR LIBRARY and AUDIO ARCHIVE. Download and listen to our weekly webinar meetings whenever you want. It's weight loss support on demand when you need it!  
  • PODCAST APP. Free for members only. You can access all our past and current meeting recordings (that's 230+ hours worth!) with this easy-to-use app for mobile devices.  
  • RESOURCES. Get members-only recipes, guides, podcasts, inspirational and motivational videos, audio, and more!  
  • RISK FREE. Low price. No contracts. Cancel at any time.  

Here's what our members are saying:

"I would say that if they'd been trying a million different plans to lose weight, and wanted a community to encourage and teach them how to live a full life while they address the issues and habits that keep them at a weight they don't like, it's worth every penny." Linda C.

"One of the unique features the community offers is support no matter what plan you are following- low carb, Intuitive Eating, WW, etc. You can also focus on habits and behavior modification, building self-esteem, binge eating, boundary issues etc. Even when you are at your goal weight you will receive the support of other maintainers too. Its for all steps of your journey!" Carla B.

"It's the one of the best tools to use for your weight loss and maintaining. The amount of things you learn from Heather herself and the community is amazing. There's no place like it. The support through the highs and lows of each journey is one of the best things to witness." Christina S.

"It's a safe place to discuss your food and exercise habits to your heart's content. My family is sick of hearing about it, but at HSM I have a team of people actually asking me how I plan to have a successful day, answering my questions, encouraging me on bad days, and cheering with me on good ones. The interactive element of like-minded people who are on the same journey and ready to discuss it really helps keep me involved." James J. 

"It is a very positive community, and a judgement free zone. There is always support available in this community, and for nearly every problem or hurdle there is someone who has been through it and can share their perspective. This community can cheer with you and cry with you, offer a shoulder when you need it and a gentle kick in the backside if you ask for it." Stephanie R. 

"The Half Size Me Community has a total different approach to weightloss and body awareness than any other group I've been in." Diane S.

"I joined two weeks ago and had been considering it for at least a year. The mental hold up was wondering what I'd get out of an online community vs a local WW meeting. After two weeks, I can say you get far more. Unlike a weekly meeting that I could try to make most of the time, I get a community that I can be exposed to all the time." Jennifer D.

"It all makes so much sense and everyone is so supportive." Mary G.

"This is a positive and uplifting environment. The 'perfectionism myth' is busted here; we make mistakes, learn and grow, and help others around us." Trish A.

"It's a nonjudgmental and most supportive environment." Virginia K.  

"I haven't seen anything like The Half Size Me Community out there before. The endless support and robust resources available to community members are all available at an extremely reasonable monthly rate, and it doesn't matter what program or diet approach is being followed. It's truly the best value for my health and wellness dollars!" Renée M.

"I think a lot of people are scared of the perceived participation level they think they have to have. But you do not need to post or comment to get vital information from this community. You can just "lurk" and get a TON of ideas and information and support. And when you finally do decide to post or comment, the amount of support is going to increase 10 fold. But rest assured, you can get immeasurable benefits from just reading everyone else's comments and responses!" Peg R.

"Joining HSMC has been a life changing event for me. I have learned to eat more and still lose the weight. I have also received a tremendous amount of support from community members who currently are, or have been, in the same place as I am. It is the safest place to talk honestly about your weight loss struggles." Gay B.