Mindy and her family ate out more than they ate at home. There was never a plan for weeknight dinners, and they often ended up at restaurants and fast-food places after the kids’ practices. Mindy wanted to lose weight, but her family resisted any change and refused to eat “diet” food. Change felt impossible. However, Mindy has now lost 30 pounds and fits in her size 10 clothes! And it all started with meal planning. First we figured out what her family really loved (including fast food!) and planned those foods into their schedule. She and her husband found satisfying foods that also met her goals of eating healthier. She was shocked she could lose weight and eat egg rolls, tacos, enchiladas and all the other foods her family liked.

Sue had a meal plan every week, but constantly sabotaged herself. She started with good intentions - chicken, broccoli, salad - but almost never ate the foods she planned. She didn’t have time to cook and would end up eating out. This happened over and over again. Once she started planning for the burger and fries and making them at home, she started losing weight. Meal planning helped Sue plan for foods that she enjoyed into her life and make progress with her goals.  

Have you tried diets and prescribed meal plans in the past? We often make ourselves (and our families) miserable with rigid rules that fail. Why don’t you try something different? Something sustainable? Instead of focusing on what you “should” be eating, eat the foods you enjoy.

Stop sabotaging yourself. Begin making progress today.